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It's a great time to swap your gas stove for an electric or induction range. We've found a wide variety of induction ranges and electric ranges on sale now ahead of Presidents' Day.  Infrared Ceramic Gas Burner

Best deals on induction and electric ranges ahead of Presidents

Gas stoves may be worse for the climate than previously thought -- so much so that Los Angeles is banning most gas appliances in new homes and businesses. California's largest city joins more than 50 other metro areas and counties that have made similar moves to discourage or prohibit the use of gas ranges. (No timeline for the new rule has been announced.)

In a recent Bloomberg interview, Biden-appointed US Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. called the household appliance a "hidden hazard" because gas stoves have been linked to childhood asthma.

You can still make the switch even if you're sticking to a budget. The internet is full of early Presidents' Day deals on induction and electric ranges that you can shop right now. 

This Samsung induction range provides the visual appeal of gas cooking with the precision of induction cooking. This 4.6-star-rated smart range can be controlled via your smartphone or voice assistant. The appliance learns your cooking preferences and will recommend your most-used settings. 

No air fryer? No problem. The Samsung smart slide-in induction range also includes a no pre-heat air fry mode. 

Samsung smart slide-in induction range, $2,399 (regularly $4,178)

According to Samsung, this Instant Heat induction cooktop gets hotter faster than Samsung's gas or electric cooktops. The appliance generates heat directly through your cookware for a quick, concentrated boost in temp. The appliance's induction burners feature instant temperature control for more precise cooking. 

This 4.6-star-rated smart induction range can be controlled via smartphone or voice assistant. 

Samsung smart Instant Heat induction range, $1,574 (reduced from $1,699)

This 6.3-cubic-foot capacity LG smart induction range is outfitted with LEDs that display power levels next to each cooking element. Its induction elements heat super quickly and offer even cooking.

This 4.2-star-rated range offers convection baking. Its heating element is mounted on the rear wall, instead of the bottom, for more even heat.

The entire device can be controlled remotely using LG's ThinQ App. 

"We love the range. It boils water much faster than gas and the top is so easy to keep clean," wrote an LG customer who purchased the kitchen appliance.

LG smart Wi-Fi enabled induction slide-in range, $2,399 (reduced from $3,099)

Samsung's Bespoke line  lets you customize the appearance of your kitchen. Color coordinate your refrigerator with this electric range. Choose from the colors "navy steel" or "Tuscan steel." 

The fingerprint-resistant appliance features Samsung's fastest burner ever (3600 W). The five-burner cooktop includes dual- and triple-ring burners for cooking with different-sized pots and pans. 

This gas cooktop and electric oven duo is fully Wi-Fi-connected and voice-enabled. Use your phone to monitor your cooktop and set and adjust the cook time and temperature of your oven through Samsung's SmartThings app.

Samsung smart Bespoke slide-in electric range, $1,599 (reduced from $2,300)

Samsung's Flex Duo lets you cook two dishes at different temperatures. The full oven can be split into two smaller units that can be heated independently. 

This freestanding electric ranges features an air-fry function. It comes with an air-fry tray as well as a removable nonstick griddle.

The fingerprint-resistant Samsung smart range is fully Wi-Fi connected and voice enabled.

Samsung smart freestanding electric range with Flex Duo, $1,394 (regularly $1,500)

This Amana freestanding electric range features a ceramic cooktop surface, an extra-large viewing window and a storage drawer to hold cookie sheets, pots and pans. The appliance includes a Shabbat mode. 

"I love how it looks, how it bakes and how it cooks," wrote a Best Buy customer who purchased the Amana. "Features are great. Blended beautifully in my kitchen and it matched my countertops. Price met our budget."

Amana freestanding electric range, $650 (regularly $870)

This freestanding GE electric range has a dual burner cooktop and an air-fry mode. It also features a fast preheat, a fifth element warming zone and a self-cleaning mode with steam clean. 

"Bought this range over a month ago and I love it!" wrote a Best Buy customer who purchased the GE appliance. "The convection bake cooks nice and even, no burnt spots. The power boil is fast and great if you're short on time. It definitely heats up my food [more quickly] and more evenly than my old unit. Looks beautiful in my kitchen."

GE freestanding electric convection range with self-steam cleaning, $880 (reduced from $1,000)

The dishwashers we found aren't only quiet -- they're quite the appliance! These dishwashers feature all the latest tech to get caked-on food off your plates, bowls, cups and more. The latest and greatest in dishwasher tech includes a variety of fast-drying methods that won't melt plastic dishes. 

Many of the racks on these dishwasher are adjustable, so you can fit a lot of dishes into every wash. And some of these dishwashers are smart dishwashers with Wi-Fi compatibility -- the better to monitor your dishwasher's progress from your compatible phone or device! 

Running at 39 decibels, this Samsung smart linear wash dishwasher is practically silent. The appliance features a fingerprint-resistant finish, a third rack for silverware and an adjustable upper rack. This smart dishwasher features Wi-Fi connectivity.  

Samsung smart linear wash dishwasher (39dBA), $999 (regularly $1,199)

Samsung also makes a Bespoke version of the smart linear wash 39dBA dishwasher. Bespoke kitchen appliances are available in complementary colors to the Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator. Available shades include navy blue and "Tuscan steel."

Samsung Bespoke smart linear wash dishwasher (39dBA), $999 (regularly $1,299)

This fingerprint-resistant, 48-decibel Samsung dishwasher has not one or two racks, but three racks. The helpful, third rack holds utensils and other silverware.  

Samsung StormWash dishwasher (48 dBA)(stainless-steel), $649 (regularly $999)

This 18-inch dishwasher is a great option for small kitchens. This compact kitchen appliance features Samsung's AutoRelease Door-Dry function. When engaged, the dishwasher door automatically opens after the wash cycle to circulate air, and allow for faster drying. 

The machine features an express mode called Express 60 Cycle that can wash and dry a load of dishes in 60 minutes.

Samsung whisper quiet dishwasher (46 dBA), $809 (regularly $899)

Never pre-wash your plates again. This fingerprint-resistant, stainless-steel Maytag dishwasher features dual power filtration to filter and disintegrate any food in its path. The appliance's PowerBlast cycle uses high-pressure jets, high-water temps and hot steam to scours away foods that typically stick to dishes.

"Love this product, it is everything it said and more. The dual power filtration is a game changer," wrote a verified customer of the dishwasher on the Best Buy site.

Maytag top control built-in dishwasher with stainless steel tub (47 dBA), $830 (reduced from $900)

On the Best Buy site, one reviewer called this KitchenAid top-control built-in dishwasher the "best dishwasher we've ever owned." 

"We absolutely love this dishwasher. It is super quiet, it cleans the dishes/pots/pans/casserole dishes impeccably clean, the drying function works perfectly (including Tupperware containers and lids)," the verified customer of the dishwasher wrote.

24" KitchenAid top control built-in dishwasher (44 dBA), $950 (regularly $1,215)

This fingerprint-resistant LG dishwasher is outfitted with cool functions. 

Its QuadWash uses four powerful spray arms to clean dishes from multiple angles. It uses LG's Dynamic Dry for a faster dry time. The EasyRack Plus feature lets you customize your racks with three different height settings. 

24" LG front-control built-in dishwasher (48 dBA), $600 (regularly $800)

The inside of this Whirlpool dishwasher can be customized to your liking. The second rack can be lifted and lowered to accommodate larger dishes. 

This machine comes with a three-piece basket to hold utensils that can be moved or separated to make more room. 

Whirlpool large capacity built-in dishwasher (47 dBA), $650 (regularly $837)

Shop the best deals on robot vacuums ahead of Presidents' Day. These top-rated robot vacs suck dirt, hair, dust and debris off your floors while you're busy living your life. These robot vacuums can be operated remotely from your smart phone and are equipped with a whole bunch of cool AI features. 

The Anker Eufy 25c robot vacuum doesn't skimp on features -- it connects to your home Wi-Fi and can be controlled through an app or through your home's smart speaker. It has 1,500 Pa of suction, three-layer filtration and a slim profile that helps it get under furniture to clean. It's rated 4.4 stars at Walmart.

Anker Eufy 25c robot vacuum, $96 (reduced from $249)

The Wi-Fi-enabled iHome AutoVac Juno features 2,000 Pa of suction and a 100-minute run time. It features mapping technology and cleans your floors and carpets in neat rows. Use your smartphone to control the vacuum or to schedule cleanings.

Lefant's M210 robot vac features built-in, anti-collision infrared sensors, so it won't bang into its surroundings. The robot vacuum detects "stuck areas" and adjusts its cleaning path automatically. Download the Lefant app to pair the Wi-Fi-enabled vac with your smartphone or device -- the better to control the appliance remotely. The robot vacuum features 100 minutes of run time.

Get this robot vacuum for $130 at Amazon.

Lefant M210 robot vacuum cleaner, $130 (reduced from $260)

On Amazon, you can buy a 4.4-star-rated combo that pairs the iRobot Roomba 7+ with the Braava Jet M6 robot mop. 

The iRobot Roomba 7+ uses an edge-sweeping brush to get into corners. It features dual, multi-surface rubber brushes that flex to adjust to different floor types -- and help prevent them from getting tangled with pet hair. Billed as a self-cleaning vac, the Roomba 7+ automatically empties itself into enclosed bags.

The Braava Jet M6 robot mop, also by iRobot, delivers a jet spray that can help you tackle messes on finished hard floors of stone, tile, wood and more. 

iRobot Roomba j7+ self-emptying robot vacuum with Braava Jet M6 robot mop, $1,199 (regularly $1,250)

Right now, you can save $150 on the Yeedi Vac station robot vacuum and mop on Amazon. The self-emptying device offers a 200-minute runtime with smart mapping and carpet detection.

Yeedi Vac station robot vacuum and mop, $350 (reduced from $500)

This multi-purpose cleaning device features 3D object avoidance, which allows it to recognize any objects in its path and move around them to avoid getting stuck. It's great for pet households, as the Yeedi Vac 2 is designed to avoid your dog's food bowl, water bowl and toys.  

Yeedi Vac 2 robot vacuum and mop, $245 (reduced from $350)

Right now you can get the upgraded Yeedi Vac 2 Pro version with a longer run time for just $15 more.  

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro robot vacuum and mop, $260 with coupon (reduced from $450) 

CBS Essentials senior writer Lily Rose is a big fan of the iRobot Roomba j7+. "This robot vacuum does a great job sucking up strands of hair, dust and debris on my floors," she says. "This iRobot Roomba even eliminated the hard-to-reach dust bunnies under my dresser and bookshelves. It cleans so well, I don't feel like I need to use my stick vacuum after." 

Click here for a full review of the iRobot Roomba j7+. 

iRobot Roomba j7+ robot vacuum, $685 (reduced from $800)

Looking for a deal on an iRobot Roomba? The iRobot Roomba j7 is a bit more affordable. Cleaning station is not included.

iRobot Roomba j7 robot vacuum, $508 (reduced from $650)

While this more affordable Jet Bot+ robot vacuum by Samsung doesn't feature 3D recognition with AI, it does have LiDAR sensor navigation, five watts of adjustable suction and the all-important self-emptying Clean Station. 

Mapping can be controlled via your phone with the Samsung SmartThings App. Remotely check the Jet Bot+'s cleaning status, pause or stop cleaning and view the cleaning history. 

Samsung Jet Bot+ robot vacuum with clean station, $464 (reduced from $799)

The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum has a bunch of cool features, including 30 watts of adjustable suction, 3D object recognition with AI and powerful LiDAR navigation. This robot vacuum can recognize what objects to avoid, so you won't have to deal with it constantly crashing into the couch or a pile of laundry on the floor. Have a very specific clean in mind? Mapping can be controlled via your phone.

You can even watch your robot vacuum operate no matter where you are, using Samsung's SmartThings App. The Jet Bot AI+ comes with a front camera that can live stream in real time. It boasts its own no-touch "Clean Station" that will empty your dustbin using Samsung's Air Pulse technology. The vacuum's 0.2 liter dustbin is fully washable.

Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum with object recognition, $703 (reduced from $1,299) 

This 4.6-star-rated robot vacuum by Roborock comes with serious smarts: It uses LiDAR navigation to create an editable map of your home, so it knows not to bump into furniture or tumble down steps. It supports app- and voice-based controls. The Roborock Q5+ comes complete with a 2.5-liter filtered cleaning station that promises seven weeks of hands-free cleaning before it requires emptying.

Roborock Q5+ robot vacuum, $500 after coupon (reduced from $700)

If you opt for a Roborock robot vacuum that you empty yourself, you can save a bit of money.

Roborock Q5 robot vacuum, $320 (reduced from $430)

The Roomba 694 is Wi-Fi-enabled. Control the vac with your connected smartphone or device via the iRobot Home app. The Roomba 694 has a 90-minute run time before it automatically docks and recharges. 

On Amazon, one reviewer praised the iRobot device's ability to keep a pet-friendly household clean. "We have two dogs, one that sheds moderately," the customer wrote. "I purchased in hopes that it at least would help between regular vacuuming. I vacuumed first with my Dyson then set it free. When it was done with the job, I didn't expect much in the dust trap... I was wrong! It was full! Super impressed." 

iRobot Roomba 694 robot vacuum, $239 (reduced from $274)

Control this affordable and Wi-Fi-enabled Samsung Jet Bot via your smartphone. It uses sensors to map cleaning zones and automatically distinguishes hard floors from carpets in order to use the proper suction, up to five watts.

One reviewer featured on the Samsung product page called this robot vacuum a must-have for pet owners. The reviewer shared: "I've used the Samsung Jet Bot+ robot vacuum for about a month now and it has freed up so much of my time. I have an Australian Shepherd that constantly sheds his undercoat. If I go three days without vacuuming, I would have little tumbleweeds of his fur rolling around the house."

"This robot vacuum has eliminated my need to do touch up vacuuming sessions," the reviewer continued. "Now I set the robot to vacuum whenever I'm not home, and I come home to clean floors each and every time."

Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum with Intelligent Power Control, $250 (reduced from $600)

If you're looking for the best Presidents' Day deals on top-rated washing machines, look no further. We've found the best washing machines in 2023  on sale now. These home appliances include the latest and greatest in laundry tech. Shop washing machines with built-in sensors, AI technology, noise reduction and more. 

Looking for a washing machine with major smarts? This LG laundry appliance uses AI technology to select the optimal wash settings. Looking for a smart washer and dryer combo ? If you have the matching LG dryer, this washer can auto-select a compatible drying cycle.

Download the LG ThinQ app to control your appliance from your smartphone. Start cycles, check time remaining and more.

LG smart Wi-Fi enabled front load washer with TurboWash and Built-In Intelligence, $1,199 (regularly $1,649)

If 5.2-cubic-feet isn't enough space to get your laundry done, you can always add on an LG SideKick pedestal washer. This laundry add-on is specially designed for small, custom-care laundry loads and over-flow. 

LG SideKick pedestal washer, $699 (regularly $779)

This smart appliance has been outfitted with a bunch of cool tech. It features an extra power button to boost stain-fighting performance and Maytag's Advanced Vibration Control to reduce vibration to help keep disruptive noise to a minimum. Its Auto Sensing tech automatically adjusts the water level for the optimal clean and you can customize each cycle with Maytag Cycle Memory, which stores your last setting choices and then applies those options the next time you use that cycle.

This laundry device can be controlled via the Maytag app. Download the app to your phone or tablet to remotely start or stop the machine, and get end-of-cycle notifications. 

"Hands down, the best washer I could ever imagine," wrote a verified customer on the Best Buy site. 

Maytag high-efficiency smart top-load washer, $850 (regularly $1,035)

This 5-cubic-foot Samsung washer can wash a load of laundry in as little as 28 minutes. 

Plus, it features a range of smart abilities that older washers just don't have. The must-have home appliance is equipped with tech that senses soil levels to improve cleaning and antimicrobial technology to keep the washer drum smelling fresh. Its auto dispense system lets you fill your detergent drawer with up to 20 loads of detergent and softener, and will accurately dispense the right amount of cleaning solution for a perfect wash, every time.

When you download Samsung's SmartThings App, you can remotely start or stop the appliances, receive end-of-cycle alerts, schedule cycles and more.

Samsung extra-large capacity Smart Dial front-load washer with OptiWash, $1,439 (regularly $1,600)

Samsung has another notable ultra-large capacity washer option. Like the one above, this extra-large capacity smart dial front-loading washer can wash a full load of laundry in 28 minutes. 

This 4.6-star-rated Samsung washer is equipped with smart dial controls that learn and recommend your preferred washing cycles. It features Wi-Fi connectivity so you can receive end of cycle alerts, remotely start or stop your wash and schedule cycles on your time right from your smartphone with the Samsung SmartThings App.

It's also a good option if you're looking for a quiet washing machine. This Samsung appliance uses Samsung's Innovative Vibration Reduction Technology+ to reduce noise and vibration for quiet washing.

Extra-large capacity smart dial front load washer with MultiControl, $1,304 (regularly $1,449)

Looking for something even larger? This extra-large capacity washer is 5.5-cubic-feet. It can wash eight pounds of laundry in just 28 minutes. Its built-in water faucet lets you pre-treat soiled or heavily stained clothes. Scrub items right inside your washer, no laundry room sink needed.

 This 4.5-star-rated laundry appliance features integrated Wi-Fi, so you can remotely start or stop your cycle, schedule laundry, receive end-of-cycle alerts and more. 

Samsung extra-large capacity smart top-load washer with super speed wash, $799 (regularly $1,199)

Good news if you work from home: This 4.6-star-rated Samsung washer uses vibration reduction technology for a quieter wash. That means no more laundry sounds drowning out your Zoom calls. Customers love that this self-cleaning washer includes 10 preset washing cycles and six additional washing cycles. 

"This washing machine has a wide variety of settings for washing, which is great for a large family and lots of laundry to do," wrote a Samsung customer who purchased the washer. "The bedding and waterproof items setting are awesome! Without the center cylinder, things like this can tangle, but not so with this setting."

Samsung front-load washer with vibration reduction technology, $650 (regularly $1,049)

Pair your washer with one of the best electric dryers in 2023 . Shop top-rated dryers from Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Maytag and more. Many of these smart dryers can be operated remotely from your smart phone and use AI tech and internal sensors to detect the perfect drying and time settings for your laundry load. 

This large capacity dryer can dry a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes. According to Samsung, the dryer can eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria on clothing. The dryer's AI-powered Smart Dial learns and recommends your favorite drying cycles and lets you customize your cycle list.

When you download Samsung's SmartThings App, you can remotely start or stop the appliances, receive end-of-cycle alerts, schedule cycles and more.

Samsung Smart Dial electric dryer with Super Speed Dry, $1,439 (regularly $1,600)

According to the brand, this Samsung dryer's Steam Sanitize+ cycle removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria, over 95% of pollen and kills 100% of dust mites. The home appliance's multi-steam technology steams away wrinkles, odors, and static.

Samsung smart electric dryer with steam sanitize, $749 (regularly $999)

Whirlpool makes a 4.6-star-rated dryer that boasts an end-of-cycle periodic tumbling option to prevent creases and wrinkles. The top-rated home appliance features three temperature selections and 14 settings. 

This extra-large capacity dryer is on sale at Best Buy now.

Whirlpool electric dryer with AutoDry drying system, $580 (regularly $675)

Need more power and more space? This 4.5-star-rated, extra-large capacity Maytag dryer features an Extra Power button. Hitting the button boosts drying power on any cycle by extending time, heat and tumbling. The on-sale dryer includes a Reduce Static setting that adds a fine mist of water to tumbling items near the end of the cycle to stop clothing and sheets from clinging. 

Not home? No problem. Use the Maytag app to remotely start or stop your appliance and receive end-of-cycle notifications.

Maytag smart electric dryer with Steam and Extra Power button, $900 (regularly $1,125)

This 4.7-star-rated dryer features a dual-opening door to make unloading clean laundry a breeze. The LG home appliance is outfitted with sensors that detect moisture and auto-adjusts drying time to saving energy.

The machine's FlowSense duct clogging and clean filter indicators alert you when it's time to clean the ducts and lint filter for the best possible dry.

LG smart Wi-Fi-enabled rear control electric dryer with EasyLoad door, $799 (regularly $1,150)

This 4.6-star-rated dryer uses advanced sensors and AI technology to automatically select the right drying motions, temperatures and more. Use the LG ThinQ app to start or stop the dryer from anywhere and receive alerts. 

It's on sale now at Best Buy.

LG smart electric dryer, $800 (regularly $1,150)

This Beko ventless condensing electric dryer tops Energy Star's most efficient electric dryer list of 2023. 

The eco-friendly dryer features 15 cycles, including jeans, sanitize and fitness wear. It's on sale now.

Beko ventless condensing electric dryer, $1,399 (regularly $1,745)

This Samsung Bespoke  dryer cracks Energy Star's top five most efficient electric dryers of 2023. 

The energy-efficient dryer can dry a full load in 30 minutes with Samsung's SuperSpeed Dry technology. The home appliance's AI Optimal Dry cycle automatically chooses the time and temperature settings based on what you're drying. It features a reversible door.

Choose from two colors. 

Samsung dryer with Bespoke design and AI Optimal Dry, $1,600

It's a great time to upgrade your refrigerator. There are a ton of refrigerators on sale now ahead of Presidents' Day 2023. Shop the best deals on Samsung and LG refrigerators right now. 

"This design is brilliant," wrote a Samsung customer. "Each door is small enough to open. There are no handles which makes it being against the wall so much easier. There's no ice maker on the left side of the door to hinder how much you can see on the left side. Opening it at a 90-degree angle is all you need to do everything that you need. It's completely flat which makes opening it to the wall so much easier (if you notice a lot of fridges are domed at the front which does not give you space to open door against the wall)."

Samsung smart 4-door Flex refrigerator with Family Hub, $3,099 (reduced from $4,500)

This full-depth Samsung refrigerator is rated 4.5 stars. Use this refrigerator's Samsung's Family Hub feature to control your smart appliances and devices straight from your fridge door.

The fingerprint-resistant refrigerator features a full-width bottom drawer big enough to hold party platters, beverages and more. The Samsung kitchen appliance includes an external filtered-water-and-ice dispenser, as well as all-around cooling and multi-vent technology to maintain even air circulation on every shelf. 

Samsung large capacity 3-door French door refrigerator with Family Hub, $2,299 (regularly $3,099)

The 4.6-star-rated fridge features customizable and changeable door panels in a variety of colors and finishes. The top-rated kitchen appliance features a concealed beverage center with a water dispenser, an autofill water pitcher and an ice maker.

Samsung Bespoke four-door Flex refrigerator, $2,699 (regularly $4,199)

This LG smart freestanding refrigerator has some cool features, including InstaView. Knock twice to illuminate the window panel and see all your favorite food and beverages without ever opening the door. This LG fridge features a craft ice maker that automatically makes batches of different kinds of ice (crushed, cubed, round) and a water dispenser that automatically removes up to 99.99 percent of bacteria in its nozzle after 24 hours.

The refrigerator features Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled remotely using the LG ThinQ app.

LG smart freestanding side-by-side refrigerator, $2,328 (regularly $2,677)

This side-by-side refrigerator includes flat panels, discreet pocket handles, top-to-bottom shelving and sleek touch controls hidden away inside your refrigerator. Its space-saving SpacePlus ice feature maximizes freezer space without sacrificing your access to ice on demand. 

This fridge is fingerprint and smudge-resistant. 

LG side by side refrigerator with SpacePlus ice, $1,650 (regularly 1,832)

This slim, 11.4-cubic-foot refrigerator is a great option for small spaces such as a kitchenette or a garage. This unique appliance can run at fridge or freezer temperatures to best suit your food storage needs. It features a reversible door. Choose from finishes in white, gray or navy glass. 

This 4.7-star-rated refrigerator comes with a 100-day, risk-free trial. Delivery is free when you order directly from Samsung. 

Samsung Bespoke Flex Column refrigerator, $999 (reduced from $1,400)

Maximize food-and-beverage space with a door in your refrigerator door. This 4.5-star-rated LG appliance has been described as "beautiful" by a Best Buy reviewer.

"This refrigerator is quiet, makes great ice cubes and craft ice (spheres). The outer door is great for those items we use often, but saves money because we're not opening the entire refrigerator door. The full conversion drawer is an amazing feature," they wrote, shouting out this fridge's middle drawer that can fully convert from chill to freeze with one quick touch.

First published on February 14, 2023 / 5:18 PM

Although neighbors in Lansing describe Anthony McRae as generally quiet, they say gunfire was a common occurrence in the backyard of his father's home, where he also lived.

Now, when users attempt to access Internet Explorer, they will be redirected to Microsoft Edge.

Hollis worked alongside his wife at The Hollis Company, which focused on producing media content, books and self-improvement seminars.

A timeline of events surrounding the Feb. 3 train derailment near East Palestine, Ohio, which forced hundreds of residents to evacuate their homes for several days.

The men's basketball program was shut down after a campus police report in which a player said three teammates ganged up on him and attacked him.

The Michigan automaker began selling the much-anticipated EV last year and has sold​ 15,617 of them as of December.

Sandwich chain has been losing market share to competitors like Panera and Firehouse Subs.

Russian millionaire with Kremlin ties turned $2 million into $21 million by trading on hacked corporate info, prosecutors said.

Lower-income Americans and seniors are among those hit hardest by stubbornly high grocery prices.

The small business owner raised $50,000 and amassed more than 1,000 volunteers to support the effort.

Intelligence officials said it was possible the balloon was blown off course, but by the time it came over the continental U.S., it was being controlled by China.

The giant spy balloon, taller than the Statue of Liberty, was shot down in U.S. airspace in early February. Three other objects were shot down in the ensuing days.

His doctor said the procedure went well, according to Casey's office.

Cruz tells his supporters on a call that he is focused on his Senate seat "so we can keep Texas red."

The elected state prosecutor suspended by the Florida governor is filing an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the governor in a renewed bid to get his job back.

There were no romantic sparks in the hospital, but two patients reconnected on the anniversary of their heart transplants and fell in love.

Two patients had heart transplants on the same day in the same hospital. Years later, they reconnected and fell in love. Jan Crawford shares more.

The birth control renders lab mice "temporarily infertile" via a single injectable dose, according to a study published in the medical journal Nature.

About half a dozen hazardous substances were on board the train when it derailed in East Palestine — as well as the residue of one substance that can cause genetic mutations.

The arm pain that many men experience isn't as common in women, but neck or jaw pain, shortness of breath, nausea and fatigue are common.

Christian Atsu, who previously played for English clubs Chelsea and Newcastle, signed with Hatayspor in Turkey late last year.

The giant spy balloon, taller than the Statue of Liberty, was shot down in U.S. airspace in early February. Three other objects were shot down in the ensuing days.

Queen Consort Camilla wore the crown, which features the Koh-i-Noor diamond, to the funeral of her husband's mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in 2022.

Life for thousands of Syrians displaced by civil war was already grim when the massive quakes struck neighboring Turkey. Many have lost everything, all over again.

Police divers were searching a river that runs along the highway "for people who might have been swept away," officials said.

Hollis worked alongside his wife at The Hollis Company, which focused on producing media content, books and self-improvement seminars.

A cause of death has not been determined, said the Los Angeles County coroner's office.

Barney will be part of a new animated series set to debut worldwide in 2024.

The comedians have announced four upcoming dates of their "Restless Leg Tour."

The Bostonian helped the chain strike gold with their first ever Super Bowl commercial. Here's what didn't make the cut.

Now, when users attempt to access Internet Explorer, they will be redirected to Microsoft Edge.

Customers lodged more than 80,000 complaints, reporting they couldn't make calls, send texts or access their data.

ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Jason Hiner explains best practices for setup and success of smart home security systems.

Social platform's #de-influencing trend promotes minimalism, but consumerist content has crept into the hashtag.

Some electric car owners around the U.S. have experienced sticker shock charging their vehicles. Here's why.

One space weather physicist said that the polar wind that swept up the plasma was moving "insanely fast" – at about 60 miles a second.

Telescopes in Hawaii and Chile have discovered a dozen new moons around Jupiter, bringing the total to 92 moons -- more than any planet in our solar system.

Some 3,450 buildings have collapsed, according to the Turkish government, in the quakes that have so far killed more than 6,000.

The new moons were discovered using telescopes in Hawaii and Chile, and their orbits were confirmed with follow-up observations.

An outbreak of stony coral tissue loss disease threatens to destroy 20 of the 45 species in the world's third-largest coral reef.

Although neighbors in Lansing describe Anthony McRae as generally quiet, they say gunfire was a common occurrence in the backyard of his father's home, where he also lived.

Three students were killed in a mass shooting at Michigan State University late Monday. Authorities say the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a confrontation with police, and that he had no known affiliation with the school. Roxana Saberi reports.

An investigation into Johnson's conviction found prosecutorial misconduct, and two other men have confessed to the crime.

Brian Fraser, Alexandria Verner and Arielle Anderson were killed in a rampage at the university Monday night.

The Justice Department has arrested four people in the slaying of Jovenel Moïse, including the owner of a Miami-area security company that hired former soldiers from Colombia for the mission.

If you're still looking for the perfect – or last-minute – way to celebrate Valentine's Day, look no further than the sky above.

Engineers first want to find out what caused a similar coolant leak on a nearby Progress cargo ship.

One space weather physicist said that the polar wind that swept up the plasma was moving "insanely fast" – at about 60 miles a second.

Two months after a Soyuz crew ship was damaged by a micrometeoroid, a Russian cargo ship suffered a similar problem.

Satellite images from the NASA Earth Observatory show the scale of destruction in Turkey and Syria.

A look into the evidence from the 2000 hostage situation and bank robbery that changed a mother and daughter's lives.

The Grammys will be broadcast live from Los Angeles, starting at 8 p.m. ET Sunday, on CBS television stations and will stream live and on-demand on Paramount+.

A look back at the esteemed personalities who've left us this year, who'd touched us with their innovation, creativity and humanity.

Matthew Trussler was found dead at the home he shared with his fiancée Melissa Turner. See the evidence that led to authorities piecing together his death.

An anonymous letter writer terrorizes a small town, threatening to expose their rumored dark secrets.

Urge for transparency after several unknown objects shot down by U.S. military; White House feels love, dons Valentine's Day decorations.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is expected to challenge a subpoena from the Justice Department regarding its investigation into former President Donald Trump's involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. Pence is expected to claim legislative privilege under the Constitution's "speech or debate" clause. CBS News contributing legal analyst Rebecca Roiphe explained the legal standing Mr. Pence may have.

Residents in East Palestine, Ohio, are concerned about their health after an explosive train derailment earlier this month forced hundreds of evacuations. Reid Frazier, energy reporter for The Allegheny Front and Pittsburgh's NPR news station, joined CBS News to discuss.

The head of a top cybersecurity firm says a hacker group targeted U.S. facilities early in 2022. CBS News homeland security and justice reporter Nicole Sganga joins John Dickerson on "Prime Time" to discuss the latest.

Police are searching for a motive after three Michigan State students were killed and five others hurt in a shooting Monday. East Lansing Mayor Ron Bacon talks with Prime Time host John Dickerson about leading his community through a mass shooting.

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